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Lady Mavericks trounce Kennedy
C.C. Winn High School's varsity softball team made short work of San Antonio Kennedy on Tuesday.
Lady Mavericks trounce Kennedy in five
By Rey Sifuentes Jr. (February 20, 2013)
C.C. Winn High School’s varsity softball team cruised by Kennedy 12-1 in five innings on Tuesday night.
The Lady Mavericks scored a run in the second inning, two in the third, and another nine in the fourth.
Brittany Perez pitched all five innings for CCWN in which she struck out seven batters and allowed six hits.
Rose Mary Hernandez hit two for four and brought in two runs. Ari Ruiz went two for four and batted in a run. Giselle Cerda hit two for three and brought in three runs. Amberly Garza hit two for three and brought in two runs.
Natalie Garcia went one for three and batted in a run. Caridad Garcia hit one for three and batted in a run. Alyssa Lopez hit one for three.
The Lady Mavericks compete at a tournament to be hosted by La Joya Thursday through Saturday.

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